Seeking Quality Insurance Repair Builders
£Zero Up Front Lead Fees

Our customers need urgent building work done to repair their property for an insurance claim.

  • They Seek quality work not cheapest
  • Definite projects starting soon
  • £Zero up front lead fees
  • Steady stream of potential projects

Our Customers Want Quality Over Price

The cost of the work will be covered by the customer's insurance company. So as long as the quote is a reasonable cost for fully reinstating the property without cutting corners or using inferior materials then the insurance company should accept the quote.

If the customer is paying for the project themselves then they often are looking for the absolute cheapest quote. With insurance repairs getting quality work done with the least hassle usually is the most important thing.

  • Definite Project
  • Repairs Needed Urgently
  • Not Cheapest Quote
  • Compete on Quality

No Up-front Costs

We are not 'selling leads'. We are looking for quality builders to do repair work for our customers. Our customers have asked us to get them quotes to give to their insurance company.

You only pay a fee once we match you with a customer and the project is to go ahead.

You pay our fee from your initial deposit from the customer.

Steady Stream of Potential Projects

We are looking for quality builders who we can trust to handle a steady stream of quotes and projects.

There are no joining or membership fees. No shortlist fees or lead fees.

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Steps to Joining Our Panel

  1. Apply to our panel
  2. Provide info for factsheet
    • Business details
    • References
    • Certificates & Insurances
  3. We follow up and verify
    • Follow up references
    • Request testemonials
    • Check companies house
    • Business credit check
    • Various other checks
  4. We search internet and social media for reviews or complaints
  5. We accept you onto our panel
  6. We produce factsheet

The Quoting Process

  1. Customer makes enquiry
  2. Choose builders for site visit
    • We select 2 suitable builders from panel
    • Customer approves builders for site visit based on factsheet
    • If customer rejects a builder we replace with another suitable builder
  3. Site visit
    • Produce scope of works
    • Chance to impress customer
  4. Produce quote
    • You produce quote
    • We send to customer for approval
    • Customer may request further quotes, or
    • Customer sends two quotes to insurer
  5. Instruct builder
    • Insurer normally offers to pay cost of lower quote
    • Customer appoints builder to do work

Review, Feedback & Follow Up

  • Feedback - We will tell you:
    • Number of builders the customer asked us to obtain quotes from
    • Approximate amount of the quotes submitted
    • Any comments offered comparing your presentation to others
  • Reviews - We follow up with customer during and after the completion of the project to get their feedback
    • Customer review added to factsheet and published on website
    • You may respond to review if you wish
    • You agree that review will not be removed without customers agreement.

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