Customer Terms & Agreement

This Agreement establishes the understanding and undertakings from both Parties to enable QQQoutes to obtain quotations from Builders.

Within the Agreement QQQuotes is referred to as ‘we’ , ‘us’ or ‘our’ and the individual, business, partnership, company or organisation named in the request for quotations (or anyone acting for and on behalf of the individual, business, partnership, company or organisation) is referred to as ‘you’ or ‘your’.

You can submit a request for quotations by

completing a request form on the QQQuotes website; or

by providing the required information by telephone; or

you can email or post a copy.

You warrant to us that all the information you provide is correct and true, and relates to goods or services that you intend or are considering purchasing.

Upon receipt of a request for quotations we may, at our sole discretion –

Provide confirmation that we accept your request;

Request further information;

Decline your request.

Where we provide confirmation that your request has been accepted we shall send details of your request to potential builders and other service providers to help us determine who may be able to help with the repair and reinstatement of your property, and you give us your permission to send those details which may include your personal details.

Your personal information will be processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and our Privacy Policy as published on our website.

We shall try to provide you with two quotations, unless a different number of quotations is requested by you. If your case is suitable we may offer help with negotiating your claim and reinstating your property though our partner Loss Assessors.

You acknowledge and accept that in providing quotations we do not act as your agent, partner, employee or contractor, nor do we have any duty of care whether expressed or implied.

When we have identified builders who may be suitable to provide quotations for your property we will provide you with a factsheet of information regarding each builder along with customer reviews for each builder.

You may review the information we provide and decide to approve the builder or reject them. If you approve the builder we will give them your contact details and they may arrange to visit your property/land/site or location to survey the work needed, before they provide you with a quote.

You may request us to find additional builders to quote for the repairs and if you do, we will look for and provide details for additional suitable builders. We will tell you if we are not able to find further suitable builders.

You agree that in the interests of fairness and good practice you shall not -

Make simultaneous appointments with prospective builders;

Discuss or disclose details of a quotation received from one builder with another builder;

Engage in discussions with or collude with any one builder in a way that the builder will gain an unfair advantage over other builders,

Collude with any builder in a way that would reduce or secure a lower quotation; or falsely claim not to have engaged a builder, such actions may result in criminal activities for fraud or conspiracy to fraud or deception, or a claim in a civil court.

You can, at your sole discretion accept or reject any quotation.

We may need to contact you regularly to keep updated with the builders performance in providing a quotation and your selection of builder.

We shall cease to contact you if you reject all quotations provided and inform us that you do not wish to receive further quotations unless you request or agree to further contact being made.

The builder shall cease to contact you once they have made their site visit and survey for work needed. If you receive further contact from the builder you should inform us immediately. At which point we will warn the builder not to contact you again. If further contact is made by the builder then disciplinary action will be taken which may include exclusion from our panel.

It is in your own interests that –

You should only act upon a firm quotation, in the event that an estimate is provided by a builder

You should not engage that builder until a firm quotation has been provided.

If the quotation is for a large amount, you try to negotiate payments to be made in instalments, preferably attached to milestones or targets being completed or where the majority of the payment is paid upon completion.

You agree to inform us, at any time during the 12 months after receipt of a quotation -

that you have accepted a quotation, the name of the successful company, business or partnership and the agreed price; and

brief reasons why you have rejected any particular quotation; and

where subsequent goods or services are supplied to you by any company, business or partnership who have supplied a quotation through QQQuotes.

You acknowledge that we do not

participate or have any involvement or influence in your decision to accept or reject any quotation;

nor do we review, verify or have any involvement or influence in a quotation provided by a builder;

nor should you consider a quotation as a recommendation or endorsement, we cannot and do not provide any warranty or guarantee for any builder’s ability to deliver the goods or services requested and any feedback on the our website or reviews from past customers shall be the views and opinions of the person submitting the feedback and reviews and not QQQuotes’, it shall be your responsibility to carry out any due diligence that you, at your sole discretion decide is necessary or appropriate.

We do not make any charge to you for the services or the administration or manpower in obtaining quotations; however you will need to pay your service providers standard rates to access our website or to make telephone calls. Some builders may pay us a commission; the commission may vary between builders so the commission will be disclosed to you upon your request.

In the event of any dispute between you and a builder about a quotation or any goods or services provided your legal rights and remedies may be exercised only against the builder and you expressly indemnify us against all claims (irrespective of the legal theory behind any claim), expenses, costs, losses (profits, use, data, revenue or opportunity) or damages (including incidental, special, indirect, consequential or punitive) incurred, received or suffered whether in Law, statute, equity, contract or tort, including without limitation pure economic loss, loss of profits, opportunity, depletion of value to property, reputation or goodwill, irrespective of whether or not the loss or damage could have been anticipated or foreseen. However nothing in this Agreement shall remove or limit liability for fraud, death or personal injury caused by our negligence or any liability to the extent that it cannot be excluded by Law.

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